Training & Didactic Teaching

The division offers two positions each academic year for a two-year clinical fellowship training program. In addition to daily teaching rounds and supervised outpatient clinics, there are regularly scheduled weekly Endocrinology Grand Rounds, weekly case presentations, monthly bone densitometry practicums, monthly evidence based medicine conferences, monthly Journal Clubs, monthly joint adult/pediatric endocrinology conferences, and monthly quality improvement conferences. A one-month rotation in Pediatric Endocrinology and a one-month rotation in Reproductive Endocrinology/High Risk Obstetrics are assigned during Year 1 and Year 2 respectively.

The Endocrinology core curriculum is delivered as a 12-week lecture series at the beginning of each academic year, and supplemented with daily didactic lectures. Endocrinology faculty and fellows participate in the general internal medicine training program at the University Hospital and Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The division contributes to medical education in the community through Internal Medicine Grand Rounds, invited symposium, diabetes and endocrinology symposia, and participates in the St. Louis City Wide Endocrinology lecture series.

SLU Consult Hospital Rotation: Weekly Schedule 2016

Des Peres Rotation Schedule

Va Rotation Schedule

Endocrinology Core Curriculum 2016
Fri 7-01 Fellows orientation
WED 7-06 Stewart Albert, M.D.: Adrenal Insufficiency
Fri 7-08 Raymond Bourey, M.D.: Hypoglycemia
WED 7-13 John Morley, MB, BCh.: Male Hypogonadism
Fri 7-15 Deepashree Gupta, M.D.: Calcium and Vitamin D Metabolism
WED 7-20 Scott Isbell, M.D.: Glycemic Control: A Laboratory Medicine Perspective
Fri 7-22 Stewart Albert, M.D.: Adrenal Hyperfunction (Cushing's; Hyperaldo; Pheo)
Tues 7-26 David Dempsher, MD: Puberty and Pubertal Disorders (4:00 PM)
WED 7-27 Alan Silverberg, M.D./Deepashree Gupta, M.D.: Thyroid US/Practicum
Fri 7-29 Kiran Relekar, M.D.: Journal Club
WED 8-0 Gul Shah: Mechanism of hormone action, part 1
Fri 8-05 Deepashree Gupta, M.D.: Antiglycemic Drugs
WED 8-10 Gul Shah: Mechanism of hormone action, part 2
Fri 8-12 Alexis McKee, M.D.; Diabetes Part 1
WED 8-17 Elliot Katz, M.D.: Thyroid Function Tests/Hypothyroidism/Hyperthyroidism
Fri 8-19 Alexis McKee, M.D.: Diabetes Part 2
WED 8-24 Alan Silverberg, M.D.: Thyroid nodules/Cancer (Part 1)
Fri 8-26 Anju Prasad, M.D.: Journal Club
Tues 8-30 Susan Myers, M.D.; Growth Disorders (4:00 PM)
WED 8-31 Alan Silverberg, M.D.: Thyroid Nodules/Cancer (Part 2)
Fri 9-02 Deepashree Gupta, M.D.: DEXA Practicum
WED 9-07 Alan Silverberg, M.D.: Anterior Pituitary
Fri 9-09 Stewart Albert, M.D.: Posterior Pituitary
WED 9-14 John Morley, MB, BCh.: Osteoporosis
Fri 9-16 Stewart Albert, M.D.: Ophthalmology Practicum
WED 9-21 Raymond Bourey, M.D.: Obesity
Fri 9-23 Stewart Albert, M.D.: Insulin Pump Mgmt
Tues 9-27 Kiran Relekar, M.D.: Joint Adult/Peds Conference (4:00 PM)
WED 9-28 Stewart Albert, M.D.: Lipid Metabolism
Fri 9-30 Stewart Albert, M.D.: Disorders of Sexual Development

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