Visiting Residents

Rotating Residents from Outside Institutions

Information for residents interested with rotating with our division can be found below.

  • Sponsoring institution must contact program coordinator to request a rotation via email. Sixty (60) days prior to requested rotation is required. (If the requested rotation is not available, a mutually agreed upon request will be considered)
  • Rotator must hold a current Missouri License (no exceptions)
  • All rotations requested MUST be at a four (4) week interval, no exceptions.
  • Upon approval by our program director, our program coordinator will send the required documents to the sponsoring institution's coordinator via email for completion.
  • Upon completion, sponsoring institution will return three (3) original completed signed documents and required attachments to the address listed on the form.
  • Any resident rotating, will be required to complete the following; unless they are a SLU employee:
    1. Epic Training (Usually 1 full day on site & online module)
    2. Obtain SLU ID

**You will not be able to complete a rotation at Saint Louis University, until all requirements are met and approval has been authorized**

Program coordinator:
Melody R. Wright

1402 South Grand Blvd.
Schwitalla Hall
4th Floor, Room M412
St. Louis, MO 63104

Program Director: Stewart G. Albert, MD
Associate Program Director: Alexis M. McKee, MD

~Rotator will be expected to attend scheduled conferences, be present in a both outpatient clinic and inpatient hospital setting on a daily basis

~Rotator will be responsible for their parking & meal fees

~Please be advised that this is not a salaried rotation