Internal Medicine Residency Program

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Welcome to our community!

We are delighted that you are considering the Saint Louis University Internal Medicine Program for your training.


Excellent Education:
Our teaching hospitals provide a diverse patient population with a mix of common medical conditions seen in community settings, and the complex case mix of a major academic tertiary care referral center. Our teaching faculty are an enthusiastic and skilled group of educators, and the majority of them are regularly listed on Saint Louis’ Best Doctors List. In the 2014 U.S. News & World Report's "Best Graduate Schools", SLU's own Health Law Program was again named the best in the nation by health law scholars for the tenth consecutive year. Our own Department of Internal Medicine's program in Geriatric Medicine is annually ranked highly and was ranked 14th in this issue. From the Chairman down to the Assistant Professors, you will regularly be instructed at the bedside by all of our dedicated clinical teachers and researchers who provide a truly diverse and varied experience for your training. As a resident, you will develop excellent clinical and patient management skills that will allow you to become an outstanding physician in any environment whether it is hospital medicine, primary care or as a future subspecialist.

Balanced Schedule:
Our schedule strikes a balance between busy clinical rotations and the more relaxed and self-directed elective and selective block rotations(10 months). You will also spend a third of your residency in the ambulatory setting. During the required Hospital and Critical Care medicine rotations you will experience hands-on supervised learning that fosters initiative, responsibility and team work. You will learn how to take care of acutely ill patients and become proficient in the procedures required for certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine. During your selective months you will experience sub-specialty teaching that will make you an excellent all-around physician. Because we believe in a learner-based curriculum, your elective months can be tailored to fulfill your individual learning and career goals.

A Supportive Environment:
Our faculty and staff are known to be approachable, friendly and supportive. The program fosters self-governance and resident ownership of the educational experience. Our residents form a harmonious group and build life-long friendships both in and outside of the hospital! The program believes in cultural diversity and is sensitive to the individual circumstances and needs of our housestaff.

Superb Fellowship And Practice Placement Track Record:
Our graduates who choose to become hospitalists or primary care providers are sought after and usually have excellent employment opportunities and placement. Our residents, regardless of their medical school, have an impressive (> 90%) success rate in obtaining highly competitive fellowships.

In summary, we are a resident-friendly program that produces highly skilled physicians who are able to achieve their career goals no matter how diverse!

Fred R. Buckhold III, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program

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