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Our mission is to provide the best possible environment to develop your professional career. Here are some ways we accomplish this:

Support for unique experiences:

If you put in the effort to develop scholarship or unique educational experiences, it is our role to support its dissemination.

  • If your scholarly work is accepted at a meeting, we will get you there. Last year our residents went to a number of regional and national conferences – paid for by the program and department.
  • Funding for international electives – the Program for Away Rotations (PAR) provides funding for international travel, as well as salary and benefit support, all for you to have a unique experience participating in health care in a completely different environment. This can also be utilized for unique experiences within the U.S.
    • Since its inception 18 months ago, residents have gone to India (twice), Belize, Puerto Rico, and to Waco, Texas.
    • For more details, click here.
  • Innovative medical care, innovative medical education, including:
    • Block scheduling, alternating inpatient and non-inpatient duties every 4 weeks for upper level residents.
    • Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) unit – the resident team works under the supervision of one of our esteemed geriatricians, providing team-based care in collaboration with nursing, physical/occupational therapy, and social work in a unit specifically designed for the care of the elderly.
    • Team based continuity clinic.

    Working side by side with excellent faculty:

    The Department of Internal Medicine has numerous world-renowned faculty, in all fields of medicine who are not only leaders of their field, but still are active clinically. Our program provides the ability to work, and learn, side by side with outstanding faculty.

    Unique opportunities that you will have include (but certainly not limited to):

    • Bedside geriatric rounds with Dr. John Morley, one of the most well-known geriatricians in the world.
    • Cardiology consult rounds with Dr. Bernard Chaitman or Dr. Paul Hauptman.
    • As a senior, staff the liver service with either Dr. Brent Tetri or Dr. Adrian DiBisceglie, or do liver clinic with Dr. Bruce Bacon.
    • Infectious disease rounds with Drs. Daniel Hoft, Sharon Frey, or Donald Kennedy.
    • Nephrology consults with Dr. Kevin Martin.
    • Rheumatology clinic with Dr. Terry Moore.

    More importantly, you have the opportunity to develop lasting and meaningful relationships with faculty to foster mentoring and scholarship.

    Exciting new time for the medical campus:

    On September 1, 2015, our main affiliated hospital was sold back to Saint Louis University, which in turn was exchanged to SSM-St. Louis so that SLU would have an ownership stake in this large healthcare organization. This is an incredible opportunity for both the University and the Internal Medicine Training Program, as we have now a much bigger network to provide patient care and to develop unique patient experiences. Marked infrastructure developments are sure to follow in the main hospital campus.

    Outstanding benefits

    Congruent with our belief that when you are a resident, having unnecessary distractions are a detriment to your career development and education, SLU offers perhaps the best benefit package of any residency in the Midwest.

      Highlights include:
    • Completely free health insurance for you and your dependents (ask me how much it cost me to deliver my second child when you interview!).
    • Protected paternity or maternity leave.
    • Free membership to the Simon Rec Center – a state of the art gym for the University with a rock-climbing wall, exercise equipment, and a heated pool.
    • Free parking.
    • Subsidized meals for on call.
    • Ample vacation including a guaranteed 5-day Holiday break (Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years).
  • Competitive salary in one of the most affordable major metropolitan areas in the country.

    See a sample of our appointment letter here.
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