From the Division Director

As the Director of Adult and Pediatric Rheumatology at the Saint Louis University Medical Center, I would like to welcome you to our Rheumatology Division web site.  The Rheumatology Division of Saint Louis University is one of the oldest Adult Rheumatology Fellowship programs in the country that started in 1968.  Over this time period, we have trained over 60 rheumatologists.  The Pediatric Rheumatology Division is also one of the oldest Pediatric Fellowships. It was one of the original 12 sites accredited for Pediatric Rheumatology in 1992 for training by the ACGME.  Our outstanding alumni are enumerated later on the website. The Division is one of the most well known Clinical Rheumatology Divisions in the Midwest, seeing over 7,500 patients per year.  We are also the eighth largest Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic in the country.  The Rheumatology Division has both outstanding educational and research potential.  Presently, the Division holds a R01 research grant from the NIH for five years for studies in systemic lupus complexes and on immune regulatory T-cells headed by Dr. Anil Chauhan in our laboratory.  We continue to have other basic projects in Pediatric and Adult  Rheumatology.  Also, we have many transition projects in rheumatology being performed by our faculty.

Our Division publishes from 5-10 manuscripts per year and presents 3-5 papers yearly at Rheumatology meetings.  The Division has six full time clinical rheumatologists including myself, Dr. Reema Syed, and Dr. Peri Pepmueller for both Adult and Pediatric Rheumatology Divisions and Dr. Katherine Temprano, Dr. Rama Bandlamudi, and Dr. Kathryn Coulson in the Adult Rheumatology Division.  We also have two Ph.Ds in our laboratory, Dr. Anil Chauhan who leads our research effort with his studies on immune complexes and regulatory T-cells.  He is a co-primary investigator on the R01 grant with myself.  Also, Chen Chen, M.D.,Ph.D., works in our laboratory.  Presently, we have four fellows training in rheumatology. We welcome you to our Rheumatology Division.
Dr Terry Moore
Dr. Terry Moore
Division Directior

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