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Geospatial @ SLU

Saint Louis University has been at the center of the nation’s geospatial enterprise since the Corps of Discovery returned to St. Louis with maps of the Louisiana Territory in 1806. More than 200 years later, Saint Louis University continues to expand the frontier of geospatial science and technology through its Geospatial@SLU programs and through its leadership of the Taylor Geospatial Institute.

About the Taylor Geospatial Institute

On April 21, 2022, Saint Louis University announced the launch of the Taylor Geospatial Institute (TGI). The TGI is a consortium of eight research institutions, led by Saint Louis University, that share their expertise and an array of critical research facilities to advance geospatial science. Established by a legacy investment from Andrew C. Taylor, the TGI is a new and ambitious initiative to move our geospatial sector forward, and it will strengthen St. Louis’s role as the nation’s leader in geospatial research, training, and innovation. 

About Geospatial@SLU

Geospatial@SLU brings together faculty and students from various disciplines to support and accelerate research, training and innovation in geospatial science and technology. Geospatial science is an interdisciplinary field that examines how location impacts a variety of complex issues. Researchers are applying geospatial insights to issues as broad as food and water security, climate change, economic development and inequity, and public health.

Geospatial@SLU provides students with hands-on opportunities in a variety of research areas. It also provides training opportunities to address the enormous demand for new geospatial researchers and analysts in the St. Louis area. St. Louis is poised to become a national hub of this multibillion-dollar industry. Geospatial@SLU is working alongside regional and national partners to make this a reality.


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