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Connect With SLU Alumni Near You

Though we hope you’ll visit campus frequently, you don’t have to be in St. Louis to meet fellow Billikens.

Saint Louis University has alumni clubs in more than a dozen U.S. cities. From Billiken basketball watch parties to lectures by visiting SLU faculty, each club hosts events and programming designed to keep alumni across the country connected with each other and the University.

To become involved in alumni activities in your area, contact the Saint Louis University Office of Alumni Engagement at 314-977-2250 or

Saint Louis University Alumni Clubs by City


There are 1,963 Billikens in the Boston area.

SLU Boston Alumni Club Leader

  • Valerie Davisson (CSB ’87,’92)

There are 7,652 Billikens in the Chicago area. 

SLU Chicago Alumni Club Leaders

  • Mike Daday (CSB ’91)
  • Joe Havel (CSB '91)

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There are 1,274 Billikens in the Cincinnati area. 

SLU Cincinnati Alumni Club Leaders

  • Diana Byrne (Parks '13)
  • Julia Chick (CSB '13)
  • Ryan Hughes (Parks '13)
Dallas/Ft. Worth

 There are 2,051 Billikens in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

SLU Dallas/Ft. Worth Alumni Club Leader

  • Kelly Halaszyn (A&S '10)

We are looking for leaders for the Dallas/Ft. Worth alumni club! If you are interested in leadership in this area, please contact Mo Schaetzel at


There are 2,573 Billikens in the Denver area.

SLU Denver Alumni Club Leaders

  • Ainsley Bochniak (Law '13)
  • Blake Braun (A&S '18)
  • Jim Sebben (Parks '73, '91)

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There are 1,331 Billikens in the Houston area.

SLU Houston Alumni Club Leader

  • Zach Short (CSB '20)

We are looking for leaders for the Houston alumni club! If you are interested in leadership in this area, contact Mo Schaetzel at

Indianapolis/Central Indiana

There are 912 Billikens in the Indianapolis/Central Indiana area.

SLU Indianapolis/Central Indiana Alumni Club Leaders

  • Christine Bauer Metzger (A&S ’07)
  • Neil Metzger (A&S ’07 and ’10, CSB ’12)
  • Jay Rumbach (CSB ’09)

There are  1,023 Billikens in the Nashville area.

SLU Nashville Alumni Club Leaders

  • Leah Dougherty (CSB '11)
  • Carlile Willett (CSB '17)
New York City

There are 2,282 Billikens in the New York City area.

SLU New York City Alumni Club Leaders

  • Amanda Davis (A&S '02)
  • Greg Mantych (A&S '10)
  • Dan Sinni (CSB '09)

There are 825 Billikens in the Omaha area.

SLU Omaha Alumni Club Leader

  • Joe Finlay (A&S '04)

We are currently looking for leaders for the Omaha alumni club! If you are interested in leadership in this area, please contact Mo Schaetzel at


There are 819 Billikens in the Raleigh-Durham area.

SLU Raleigh-Durham Alumni Club Leaders

  • Andy Kren (A&S ’07 and ’09)
  • Nicole Samuel (CSB ’07)
  • Meredith Walker (Parks ’19)
San Diego

There are 936 Billikens in the San Diego area.

SLU San Diego Alumni Club Leaders

  • Drew Hillier (A&S ’10)
  • Paul Kaiser (A&S ’06)
  • Katie Pierce (CSB ’07)
  • Ramon Riesgo (A&S ’18)
San Francisco Bay Area

There are 2,455 Billikens in the San Francisco Bay area.

SLU San Francisco Bay Area Alumni Club Leaders

  • Eric Wilson (CSB ’09)
Washington, D.C.

There are 2,795 Billikens in the Washington, D.C., area. 

SLU Washington, D.C., Alumni Club Leaders

  • Eric Behna (A&S '14, '15)
  • Nicole Kim (CPHSJ '15)

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Alumni Event Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to help plan and execute Saint Louis University alumni events in the following metropolitan areas:

  • Atlanta
  • Kansas City
  • Los Angeles

Contact SLU's Office of Alumni Engagement at if you would like to assist with events in these areas.

No Club in Your Area? Host an Event

If your city isn’t listed here, but you’d like to host an event for SLU alumni in your area, we can help. Contact us at least eight weeks before an event, and we can support you with a variety of services:

  • Email invitations and reminders
  • Event listing on our calendar
  • RSVP recording with a final guest list provided to the host
  • Financial assistance or reimbursement for certain events
  • SLU promotional materials sent to the host prior to the event, including:
    • Billiken or fleur-de-lis table tents
    • Beads
    • Pompoms
    • Favors or giveaways (when applicable)
    • Recent University publications (information on giving, brochures, etc.)
    • Name tags

For more information on the host’s responsibilities or to start planning your event, contact Mo Schaetzel at